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It’s summer :) I like summer until it gets to triple didget temps day after day. Then not so much. We did enjoy a nice May and the first half of June before the sweltering heat began. . . so I’m going to call that summer and the rest of this something like ‘the season of sweltering heat from Hades’. Anywhoo. . . just sharing a few really random pics of us this summer. Maybe I should say pics of Jonathan and Genevieve. . . because I am not in any pictures. That needs to change.

Spunky Miss Genevieve loves to swim. She is her mother’s child. She wants to be let go of in the deep end and is pretty adamant about it. When we swim at the Y -which has a fantastic toddler swim area- she beelines for the deep end.  So tonight at almost 20 months old she starts swimming lessons. If the girl insists on swimming on her own. . . she should learn how :)

We rode bikes to the park for a picnic.

This picture documents a few firsts for Genevieve. This is her first pair of sunglasses. Her Gigi sent them to her and she would not take them off. No joke. I wrestled them from her for nap time that day. She is also sporting her first skinned knee. That happened at the pool. She fell, stood up and said “ouch”, and the proceeded to run for the deep end. She is also showing off her cute painted toe nails. It’s my new trick to get her to cooperate with getting her nails clipped. The alternative includes a lot of kicking and screaming so toe painting it is.

She feels pretty glam in her sunglasses. She now has a few more pairs (dollar bin at Target people) and reeeally likes wearing them.


Today I am thankful for my family. I think they’re pretty great.

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1 Lisa { 07.25.12 at 4:14 am }

She is such a doll. Her spunk is evident in these pictures!